Comprehensive International Trade and Business skills (151st course) Online

Date: 15 Aug 2021
Time: Mondays- Wednesdays 16-20
Duration: 80
Price: 35,000,000 IRR
Course Code: B1-00-120
This course could be held in your place.
Somayeh Irajpour
Somayeh Irajpour 0218695

Course Descriptions

Punctual supply of orders, raw materials, parts and spare parts based on the amount of inventory and consumption, as well as setting a suitable lead time are some of the duties of purchasing management and having a precise plan is essential to fulfill all of those duties. On the other hand, in order to plan, it is needed to be aware of the rules and regulations of the exporting and importing countries, international trade rules and regulations, the ways of concluding a contract, order registration of goods, the various ways of sending and receiving goods and customs clearance. This course has been designed to cover all those essential knowledge, skills and abilities.