‘Effective training, the key of evolution in the business sector of the country’

Business Training Center

The Business Training Center, BTC, has been operating since 1995 as the arm of the former Ministry of Commerce and under the supervision of / affiliated to the Institute for Trade Studies and Research, ITSR, and currently, it has been able to play a constructive role in increasing the productivity of human resources in the country’s industry, mine, and trade sectors.
BTC, as one of the most important training centers which is specialized in business, has an active role in leading, managing and implementing of required trainings in the field of business in all over the country.
With the motto of ‘effective training, the key of evolution in the business sector of the country’, this center has made a coherent and purposeful effort to improve the knowledge, insight and professional skills of the country's business people and to play an effective role in the continuous improvement of commercial activities and the modernization of the country's trade system through using applied methods in designing and implementing training courses.


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