About us

About BTC:

The Business Training Center, BTC, has been operating since 1995 as the arm of the former Ministry of Commerce and under the supervision of / affiliated to the Institute for Trade Studies and Research, ITSR, and currently, it has been able to play a constructive role in increasing the productivity of human resources in the country’s industry, mine, and trade sectors.

BTC, as one of the most important training centers which is specialized in business, has an active role in leading, managing and implementing of required trainings in the field of business in all over the country.

With the motto of ‘effective training, the key of evolution in the business sector of the country’, this center has made a coherent and purposeful effort to improve the knowledge, insight and professional skills of the country's business people and to play an effective role in the continuous improvement of commercial activities and the modernization of the country's trade system through using applied methods in designing and implementing training courses.

Existential Philosophy:

To operate as the educational complex of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, MIMT, for leading, managing and implementing of the required trainings in the field of business in the country in order to proceed the strategic goals of the MIMT for development of the country’s business sector.

BTC mission:

To operate in the role of a link between universities and the economic and commercial sectors of the country in order to empower and improve the practical skills required by activists and university graduates in the fields of trade and commerce, economics and management.

Activity area:

Within the framework of its existential philosophy and mission, the Business Training Center provides the following educational, specialized and professional services:

- Conducting short-term and long-term training courses related to the business areas

- Conducting business modules and courses required by the business sectors under the supervision of the University of Applied Science and Technology, UAST

- Designing and implementing of specialized training courses for the organizations

- Conducting training courses for government staff

- Distance training and e-learning services

- Conducting workshops and educational seminars

- Educational counseling and planning

- Designing educational products

- Carrying out educational needs assessment projects

- Providing information and extension services for managers and activists of the country's business sector

Key Success Factors:

- Having an extensive network of agencies

- Focus on applied and specialized training courses in the field of business

- Brand strength

- A higher market share

- Competitivity of the provided services by BTC

- Capability to design and offer unique skill training courses

- Implementation of university courses

-Relying on the Institute for Trade Studies and Research, ITSR, as the scientific support

- Having qualified and experienced instructors

- Being affiliated to the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade and the presence of senior managers of this ministry in the BTC


- Reinforcing strategic cooperation and communication with domestic performers in the field of education

- Reinforcing and empowering the network of strategic partners and agencies

- Business environment and market development

- Quantitative and qualitative development of products and services

- Empowering the fundamentals of BTC through the development of resources and infrastructures

-Accelerating the BTC through improvement of organizational transformation and processes