A Comprehensive course in order registration through NTSW system, selling currency in Nima system and customs declaration through EPL Attending

Date: 30 Aug 2021
Time: Mondays-Wednesdays 17:30-20:30
Duration: 27 Hours
Price: 19,000,000 IRR
Course Code: B1-00-112
This course could be held in your place.
Somayeh Irajpour
Somayeh Irajpour 0218695

Course Descriptions

-The regulations and procedures of order registration for the import of goods and the completion of the customs declaration
-In order to provide better services, the electronic order registration system in the import of goods has been formed gradually since the beginning of 2009 and finally, has started to work 100% electronically on 24th May 2009.All of the order registration applicants, natural or legal persons, are capable to do the whole procedure of import using this system, NTSW (National Trade Single Window). All the training steps are done scientifically.